ESG Policy


At ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc. (hereinafter “we”), we hold the ITOCHU Group’s spirit of “Sampo-yoshi” (“good for the buyer, good for the seller, and good for society”) as our corporate mission.We not only pursue profits for our company but also help address social issues, in line with the trust andexpectations placed on us by our portfolio companies, investors, shareholders, employees, and variousother stakeholders. Based on this corporate mission and in line with our fiduciary duties as a venture capital firm, we respect international norms and promote responsible investment activities that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (hereinafter “ESG”) perspectives. We also support our portfolio companies in implementing management that reflects ESG factors. We believe that these efforts lead to investment returns through long-term growth in corporate value as well as the creation of a sustainable society and environment. We fully consider the following ESG factors in our investment activities (deal-sourcing, due diligence,investment decisions, portfolio company support and monitoring, voting, and exit) for all of our funds:


  1. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
  2. Response to Climate Change
  3. Environmental Pollution Prevention
  4. Promotion of Resource Circulation
  5. Conservation and Effective Use of Water Resources
  6. Biodiversity Conservation


  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations on Working Conditions and Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Respect and Consideration for Human Rights
  3. Contribution to Healthier and More Affluent Lifestyles
  4. Responsibilities to Customers for Product Safety


  1. Corporate Ethics and Compliance
  2. Prevention of Bribery and Corruption
  3. Appropriate Executive Structure and Audit Structure
  4. Protection of Personal Information and Information Security Measures
  5. Exclusion of Anti-social Forces

We will make good-faith efforts to establish the measures and structures to implement this policy. Inaddition to providing support to portfolio companies in improvements and monitoring of material ESG issues, we will share appropriate information with LP investors. We will also promote the spread of ESG-related initiatives in the venture capital sector in order to enhance the sustainability of capital markets.

President &CEO Suguru Yamaryo
Established in October 2023
Revised in April 2024

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